Financial Department

As an agent of a national broker, we have access to national and international financing opportunities.


Alongside the traditional players, our experienced team with more than 20 years of banking experience will assist you in the instruction of the financing files until the agreements are obtained and the credits are set up.

You wish to obtain liquidity to meet various needs and finance projects.

  • Settlement of inheritance or donation taxes.
  • Acquisition of real estate abroad.
  • Acquisition of a stake in a company.
  • Purchase of works of art, vintage vehicles.
  • Other miscellaneous expenses.

In addition to the classic real estate financing for the acquisition of residential property or commercial premises, either directly or indirectly (shares of SCI, shares of SCPI, dismembered purchases, etc.), we offer services for two specific types of financing:

Refinancing/Equity Release
  • You will obtain financing without having the constraint of selling your property or having to carry out a costly arrangement.
  • The participation available in relation to the market value of the property depends on its nature and its location.
  • We will find the most suitable financing for your request.
Equity Line

You will obtain financing without having to sell the shares in your investment account or even make a repurchase of your insurance policy.

Let's talk about your new project.

The loans

Corporate Credits
  • For managers and/or partners of SME, we provide assistance on all your financing needs except WCR and short term.
  • Growth / LBO / OBO / Reorganisation of the shareholding / Exit of a minority shareholder / Purchase of current accounts / Professional real estate / CBI / Lease Back
Financement des Professionnels de l’Immobilier
  • For real estate agents, developers, subcontractors and planners, we support you at all levels of financing in addition to your equity contributions.
  • Mortgage loan with opening of a credit line / Senior Debt / Mezzanine Debt / Private Investors / Club Deals / Asset Refinancing

Non-Residents Financing

Are you a French or foreign citizen and are considered non-resident in France by the French Tax Administration?

  • We can assist you in financing the acquisition of real estate located in France.
  • with a downpayment of 30 % minimum
  • The French Law requires to ask you for all the documents justifying the origin of your income and your contributions.
  • Instruction and communication possible in three languages: French / English / Arabic.
  • Adaptability to time differences via WhatsApp messages, Visio ZOOM

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